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Based upon researches and in consultations with important medical professionals, we detected the eminent need of making available to the market a mechanism which would offer safety and functionality to the moving of surgical tables and further hospital equipments. That was when we strengthened a partnership with the Fábrica Nacional de Amortecedores – FNA, a Brazilian company, over 45 years manufacturing spring gas with the technology and quality we were looking for.
This partnership, allied to the production quality and guarantee, increased our competiveness, which allowed REDIZA to conquer a high status among the greatest hospital equipment manufacturers and growing market share.

Currently, REDIZA dedicates to several market segments, as: furniture industry, machinery industry, fiber hood industry, industry automation, reposition market, odontological sector, among others…

“Offer more and more versatility, comfort and safety to its clients and users, as well as fully fill their needs”.